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I really appreciate all the support I’ve had from bloggers. Book bloggers are dedicated book lovers and enthusiasts who love discovering new authors, and they have become a vital part of the publishing landscape – I don’t know where we’d be without them.

Blog reviews of After I Left You

cover of After I Left You

After I Left You was published in ebook in January 2014 and came out in paperback in July.

A Spoonful of Happy Endings

Book – Love – Bug

Chicklit Club

Chloe’s Chick Lit Reviews

Cleopatra Loves Books

Georgia Writes About Things

Jera’s Jamboree

Laura’s Little Book Blog

Lisa Talks About…

Liz Loves Books

Michael Whitworth’s blog

Mostly Books on After I Left You and other BBC Oxford Afternoon Bookclub picks

Nellie Pom Poms

Page to Stage Reviews

Reading in the Sunshine

Blog reviews of Stop the Clock

The cover of Stop the Clock

Stop the Clock is my debut novel, published in ebook and paperback in August 2012.

The Book Geek Wears Pajamas

Chloe’s Chick Lit Reviews

Curious Book Fans

Jera’s Jamboree

Peeling an apple

Reading in the Sunshine

Shaz’s Book Blog

Today I’m Reading


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