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author Ali Mercer at home in Abingdon

My new novel My Lost Daughter will be published in May 2019 by Bookouture. It’s an emotional family drama about Rachel, a woman whose life has unravelled since her husband gained custody of her daughter, Becca, following a messy break-up.

This is what Bookouture associate editor Kathryn Taussig had to say about My Lost Daughter: ‘It’s such a rare thing to find an author who can write family drama well, and for this reason I’m over the moon to be publishing Ali Mercer. Her writing is beautiful, thoughtful and moving. Her characters are believably flawed and yet endlessly relatable and her stories are engrossing. My Lost Daughter is a perfect fit for Bookouture and I know it will delight readers of Jodi Picoult, Diane Chamberlain and Kerry Fisher.’

Here’s Bookouture’s announcement about My Lost Daughter – and they’ll be publishing another book from me in September 2019.

I live in Oxfordshire with my husband, the poet Ian Pindar, and our two children. Our son was diagnosed with autism in 2011, about a month after I landed my first book deal. You can read more about the diagnosis in this blog post about how we found out about his autism.

about After I Left You in the Abingdon Herald

After I Left You in the Abingdon Herald

My debut novel, Stop the Clock, was published by Black Swan in August 2012. My second novel, After I Left You, also published by Black Swan, came out in ebook in January 2014 and was published in paperback in July 2014. I’m represented by Judith Murdoch.

After I Left You is published in Germany by Diana Verlag. The title of the German edition is Und dann, eines Tages. A Portuguese language edition will be published by Novo Conceito Editores.

Ali Mercer off to college reunion

off to a college reunion – which was a lot less dramatic than Anna’s in AILY!

The back story…

I decided I wanted to be a writer pretty much as soon as I learned the word (and I am still finding out what it means – lifelong process!) I wrote my first novel when I was at primary school.

the end of my very first novel!

the end of my very first novel!

I went on to study English at University College, Oxford, and, like the characters in Stop the Clock, I did a diploma in journalism at Cardiff University. I worked as a reporter at The Stage, where I was teased by Stewart Lee, admired a pre-Hollywood Cillian Murphy and interviewed several Spice Girls tribute bands. I went on to be a features writer at the WI magazine, where I witnessed the birth of the nude calendar phenomenon, and then spent several years at Nursery World, writing about childcare and education.

All brilliant experience for an aspiring novelist interested in what women’s lives are like now, and their families, friendships and experiences at work. I started writing fiction again in my late 20s, and got down to it in earnest after I’d had my first baby and moved to Oxfordshire.

cover of After I Left You

About After I Left You

Anna has not been back to Oxford since her last summer at university, seventeen years ago. She tries not to think about her time there, or the tightly knit group of friends she once thought would be hers forever. She has almost forgotten the fierce sting of betrayal, the heartache, the secret she carries around with her, the last night she spent with them all.

Then a chance meeting on a rainy day in London brings her past tumbling back into her present, and Anna is faced with remembering the events of that summer and the people she left behind. As Anna realises that the events of their past have shaped the people they’ve all become, hope begins to blossom for what the future could hold…

Responses to After I Left You

“A lovely absorbing read, so evocative of student life. Alison Mercer really captures the passion of falling in love for the first time.” (Alice Peterson, author of Monday to Friday Man)

“Alison Mercer has expertly spun an engrossing story about love, secrets and second chances.” (Tamar Cohen, author of The Mistress’s Revenge)

“A tender and romantic story of love and friendship, elegant and engrossing, beautifully told” (Louise Douglas, author of The Secrets Between Us)

“Beautifully written and full of intelligent, emotional and interesting characters . . . will stay with you long after you finish the final captivating chapter” (Daily Mail)

“A wonderfully romantic read that’ll have you hooked from the offset” (OK!)

“A deeply moving tale of facing the past so you can live in the present” (Star)

The cover of Stop the ClockAbout Stop the Clock

Meet Lucy, Tina and Natalie, twenty-something friends who are all negotiating the risky business of being grown-up.

Lucy knows exactly what she wants: her marriage to be a success, her children to be perfect, and to be the ultimate home-maker.

Tina knows what she wants too: her journalism career to take off and to see her name as a byline in a national newspaper… and the illicit affair she’s started leaves her free enough to follow her dreams.

Natalie just wants to be happy – happy with the boyfriend she’s dated since college, happy with the job she’s drifted into, happy with a life she thinks is enough – but is it really?

Ten years later, all three women have the lives they thought they wanted. But somehow, reality isn’t quite as neat and clean-cut as their dreams…

Responses to Stop the Clock

“Effortlessly readable and sharply realistic, this is grown-up chick-lit at its very best.” (Closer)

“Funny and moving, this is a fab debut from Alison Mercer.” (new!)

“Mercer has a satirical eye which she puts to good effect in describing such cornerstones of middle-class life as private antenatal classes and bitchy newspaper columnists. A funny, promising debut.” (Daily Mail)

Und dann, eines Tages, the German edition of After I Left You

Cover © t. mutzenbach design, shutterstock

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Alison Mercer

Visiting the Oxford branch of the National Council of Women

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  1. Hello! I don’t write an email newsletter, but if you scroll down the right-hand side of my blog, you’ll see an option to follow my blog by email, which means you’ll be sent any new posts (I post about once a month on average). You’ll also find a link to my Facebook page and Twitter feed @AlisonLMercer. Thanks for your interest! x

  2. Hi Alison, I found your blog on the last page of my copy of ‘After I left You’. I wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your book, one doesn’t often get a chance to tell an author what they thought of their book. Your writing inspires me in my own writing, and I was thoroughly engrossed in the plot, and fully invested in (and maybe slightly in love with) your characters.
    I really am looking forward to reading more of your work 🙂

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