Alison Mercer on writing Romantic Fiction

It’s true – I love Cornwall even in the rain. And I am still a fan of Mary Stewart!

North Cornwall Book Festival 2015

by Charlotte Sabin

“What do we mean by Romance? Do we mean love stories? Because love stories exist in all kinds of genres.”

Alison Mercer

Alison Mercer is a fan of Cornwall (as she explained this to me, rain hammered against the windows of our farmhouse green room – so she’s being serious). We are very glad to have her here all weekend, delighting audiences with a talk as well as a workshop on writing romantic fiction.

This trip down for the North Cornwall Book Festival is all research material for her next novel, set partially in Cornwall. “The Saturday Mother” follows a mother’s relationship with her daughter under the strain of divorce, and a custody battle won by her ex-husband. Writing in the daughter’s voice was a fantastic experience, Alison explains – but she’s not tempted by writing YA just yet, love stories got her enticed into books in the…

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